2012 Gorman Ridge Rally - Live Text
23:58   Result are now Final  
Results for both the CRS events and the USRC event are now final.   Mike G.
22:22   John Black is a DNF  
John Black was unable to start his car to run the last stage so will be a DNF   Mike G.
22:11   Psara holds on for open 4wd win  
Psara lost a few seconds to Fong on the very last stage, but holds on for the open 4wd class win in the evening CRS rally.   Erik C.
22:08   Hoche wins last stage Holmes wins rally  
Michel Hoche-Mong beat Bill Holmes on the last stage by 2 hundredths, so Bill wins the night CRS rally by a mere 4 seconds   Mike G.
22:00   Dillon can hear now  
The intercom for John Dillon and Katianna Pihakari has not worked for the whole event up until Javier Olivares loaned her his helmet at the last service and now John can actually hear her. Now he has no excuses.   Mike G.
21:59   Psara leads 4wd  
Psara has a 13 second lead over Fong in the open 4wd class with just one stage to go! Incredible for his first rally!   Erik C.
21:53   Holmes has narrow lead  
Going into the last stage for the CRS night event Bill Holmes holds a slim 5 second lead over Michel Hoche-Mong, so the last stage could be interesting   Mike G.
21:49   Holmes leads by 5 seconds!  
Just one stage left and Bill Holmes leads Michel Hoche-Mong by just five seconds! Close battle for the overall win!   Erik C.
21:31   Black extends his P-Stock lead on stage 14.  
  Erik C.
21:22   Hoche-Mong beats Holmes on stage 14 by 0.03min  
  Erik C.
20:36   Black still leading P-Stock  
Has six second lead in evening rally over Sarkis.   Erik C.
20:31   2 minute spread  
The cars will be running at a 2 minute spread after the service.   Mike G.
20:25   Holmes smokes them  
Bill Holmes had a blazing time on stage 4 and moved into the lead for the night CRS event by 6 seconds over Hoche-Mong.   Mike G.
20:17   Olivares is a DNF  
Javier Olivares and Brock Heinz have DNFed with what appears to be a blown clutch.   Mike G.
20:11   Psara pulls ahead of Fong  
Kris Psara beat Alvin Fong by 8 seconds on the third evening stage and now leads CRS Open 4wd for the night CRS event by 2 seconds.   Mike G.
20:06   Sarkis picks it up  
Sarkis Mazmanian beat John Black by 3 seconds on the third night stage, so he is now only 3 seconds behind John on the evening CRS event.   Mike G.
20:01   Hoche holds narrow lead  
After three stages Michel Hoche-Mong now holds a narrow 2 second lead over Bill Holmes for the night CRS event.   Mike G.
19:47   Hercelinsky is a DNF  
Brent Hercelinsky and Alex Orozco are a DNF with a blown head gasket near the start of the third stage of the evening.   Mike G.
19:38   Hercelinsky is hot  
Brent Hercelinsky and Alex Orozco are running hot. It appears that the leaking head gasket that was replaced at dinner break was not all that was needed. It's suspected that they have warped the head and the new head gasket is now leaking.   Mike G.
19:30   Chuck Wilson is a DNF  
Chuck Wilson is a DNF on the second evening stage with what appears to be a blown transmission.   Mike G.
19:28   Battle for CRS Open 4wd  
After the first two stages of the evening CRS event Alvin Fong leads Kris Psara by only 6 seconds in CRS Open 4wd, so this class may be close as well.   Mike G.
19:22   Chuck Wilson is off  
Chuck Wilson is off the road (with OK sign out) on the second stage of the evening (North Boundary). Don't know the nature of his problem at this time.   Mike G.
19:21   Black still leads P-Stock  
John Black extended his narrow lead over Sarkis Mazmanian for the P-Stock class to 6 seconds.   Mike G.
19:17   Hoche-Mong moves into lead  
Hoche-Mong is now leading the evening CRS rally by 0.01min over Holmes. Fong close behind in third.   Erik C.
19:16   Dog Fight continues  
On the sedcond stage of the evening the top three is still very close, but this time Holmes wins with Hoche 3 seconds back Psara another 7 seconds back and Fong another second behind him. Stay tuned   Mike G.
19:10   Dillon backfiring  
John Dillon finished the first stage of the evening with a bit of backfiring.   Mike G.
19:06   Black leads P-Stock  
John Black leads Sarkis Mazmanian by 4 seconds after the first stage of the CRS night event.   Mike G.
19:01   Dog Fight on Stage 10  
The night time CRS event began with a real dog fight with 3 cars within 7 hundredths of each other. Fong won the stage with Hoche one hundredth back and Holmes another 6 back. This could be interesting.   Mike G.
18:24   Night Event Entry  
15 of the 16 cars that started this morning are going to start the evening stages. Only Deke Williams who put a hole in his oil pan will not be able to start.   Mike G.
15:20   Olivares off road  
Olivares / Heinz are off the road on stage 7 at the double caution hairpin left.   Mike G.
15:17   Holmes maintains lead  
Holmes has almost a minute lead over Hoche-Mong in second after stage 7.   Erik C.
15:14   Fong enjoying West coast roads  
Alvin Fong last ran in New York and is running today with local co-driver Marra Estep and is enjoying the difference in the types of roads.   Mike G.
15:12   Holmes wins stage 7  
Holmes beat Hoche-Mong by 4 seconds on stage 7, but only 1 second back was Kris Psara.   Mike G.
14:59   Deke Williams is a DNF  
Deke Williams and Robert Lynch hit a big rock on stage 6 and put a hole in his oil pan and will not be able to continue.   Mike G.
14:35   McCanna back on the road  
Mike McCanana has been pulled back on the road and is continuing to the next stage.   Mike G.
14:23   Bedirian DNFs while fun running  
Vasken Bedirian in the BMW 2002 decided to fun run stage 5 but DNFed shortly after the start of the stage.   Mike G.
14:12   McCanna off the road  
Mike McCanna has slid off the road between the flying finish of stage5 and the Stop control.   Mike G.
14:12   Psara moves into fourth!  
With a fast time on stage 5 he moves ahead of Willemsen for fourth overall.   Erik C.
14:05   Psara has good stage 5  
Kris Psara had the third fastest stage time on stage 5 only 6 seconds behind Michel who was 6 seconds behind Holmes.   Mike G.
14:05   Olivarez is second in CRS-2  
Wilson in third by about one minute after four stages.   Erik C.
13:56   Black out of balance  
John Black has lost the harmonic balancer on the engine but is going to continue, however he has elected to move to the back of the pack.   Mike G.
13:29   Hercelinski is a DNF  
Brent Hercelinski is a DNF with a blown head gasket.   Mike G.
13:23   Hercelinski being towed to service  
Brent Hercelinski being towed to service by the course closing vehicle. At this point we don't know what is wrong with the car.   Mike G.
13:15   Bedirian DNFs on stage 3  
It appears that Vasken Bedirian in the BWM 2002 has DNFed due to a fuel problem, maybe out of gas.   Mike G.
13:03   Sarkis extends P-Stock lead  
Sarlis leads P-Stock by 46 seconds over Black after stage 4.   Erik C.
12:59   Oil on the road  
Someone is leaking what looks like oil at the finish of stage 4. Could be either Black or Willemsen.   Mike G.
12:57   Michel back in second overall  
Michel Hoche-Mong moved back into second place after stage 4. He is once again 0.01min ahead of Fong!   Erik C.
12:55   Holmes says North Boundary is still slippery  
Says he was sliding from berm to berm on stage 3.   Erik C.
12:44   Bedirian stopped on stage 3  
Vasken Bedirian driving a BWM 2002 is stopped just past the start of stage 3. Course closing is with them trying to determine if he can continue.   Mike G.
12:27   Holmes wins stage 3  
Bill Holmes has won stage three and extended his lead. Michel went wide in the soft sand and got stuck for a few seconds falling to third overall behind Alvin Fong.   Mike G.
12:12   Stage 3 is hot  
Stage 3 (which is the same as stage 1) has been declared hot, so cars will be starting soon.   Mike G.
12:04   Pasra has a good second stage  
Kris Psara is in fourth overall just less than half a minute behind Alvin Fong.   Mike G.
11:58   Sarkis leads P-Stock  
Sarkis leads P-Stock by 11sec over Black after stage 2   Erik C.
11:54   Fong in third  
Alvin Fong is in third place, just 0.01min behind Michel! On stage 1 Alvin did not have a working intercom so we may see faster times now that he can hear Mara.   Erik C.
11:50   Holmes in lead after ss2  
Holmes pulled into the lead after stage 2. Michel in 2nd.   Erik C.
11:36   Pasra has a good first stage  
Kris Pasra has the fourth fastest time on stage 1, which is really good for his first rally.   Mike G.
11:35   stage 1 is smooth  
Wilson/ Ellzey report stage one is smoother than last year. No big bumps or ruts.   Erik C.
11:30   Holmes says roads are slick  
Bill Holmes says he hates being first oin the road. He's sweeping off the loose dirt and gravel.   Erik C.
11:27   Sarkis has a good first stage  
Sarkis Mazmanian had a very good first stage and currently leads John Black in Perf Stock by 11 hundredths. He went wide just after the flying finish but got back on the road with no damage.   Mike G.
11:24   Hoche-Mong has early lead  
With four cars finished on stage 1 Michel Hoche-Mong holds a 3 hundredths (2 second) lead on Bill Holmes.   Mike G.
11:07   First Stage Ready to Start  
The zero car has completed the first stage and declared it ready to start, so this should be starting at 11:13.   Mike G.
10:49   2012 Gorman Ridge Rally About to Start  
16 cars are set to start the first stage with Bill Holmes and Sean Gallagher as the first car on the road.   Mike G.
12:00   Live Text Overview  
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Gorman Ridge Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. So come back during the Rally (Sat, Aug 25) and check it out.   Mike G.