2012 Prescott Rally - Live Text
18:32   Results are now Final  
The scores on RallyData.com (also posted at room 134 of the Prescotonian are now Final   Mike G.
18:02   Scores are now Provisional  
The scores on RallyData.com (also posted at room 134 of the Prescotonian are now Provisional   Mike G.
16:44   Burke chooses to take road points giving win to Jackson  
At the final MTC, into Tim's Subaru, Joseph Burke chose to check in 10 minutes late giving Keith Jackson the USRC event win.   MaryAnne S.
16:07   Sarkis Mazmanian wins CRS Perf Stock  
Mazmanian's 1:28-second lead (in the Saturday CRS rally) over John Black should help him cinch the CRS year-end championship in Performance Stock.   MaryAnne S.
16:03   Fiorelli rallies (literally) to beat Marciniak in 2WD  
Eddie Fiorelli, with a total time of 20:20, beats Marciniak by 10 seconds.   MaryAnne S.
15:54   Burke wins despite Roll  
Joseph Burke wins the USRC event over Keith Jackson by 45 seconds despite rolling just prior to the finish.   Mike G.
15:50   Gates has a flat  
Ryan Gates came into the finish of the last stage with a flat right rear tire.   Mike G.
15:42   Burke Rolls on last Stage  
Joseph Burke has rolled just before the finish of the last stage. Both drivers are out of the car and appear to be OK. Since they rolled before the flying finish they do not yet have a time for the stage. UPDATE Keith Jackson has just towed Burke through the flying finish to the Stop control, so we should have times for both soon.   Mike G.
15:17   Fong taps a berm on SS9; continues and says "We're OK"  
Fong sent us a text message: "tagged a couple berms with the car after we decided [it] needed a paint job and some landscaping action. Lost a couple of seconds, but we're OK!"   MaryAnne S.
14:17   Marciniak pulls into USRC Open 2wd lead  
Kris Marciniak beat Eddie Fiorelli by 5 seconds on stage 9 to pull into the USRC Open 2wd class lead.   Mike G.
14:12   Burke pulls ahead of Jackson  
Burke beat Jackson by 49 seconds on stage 9, so one has to wonder if Jackson is having some sort of problem or is just backing off a bit.   Mike G.
13:58   Sarkis leading Perf Stock  
After stage 8 Sarkis Mazmanian has now pullled out a 49 second lead on John Black in CRS Perf Stock class in the Sat CRS event.   Mike G.
13:54   USRC Open 2wd battle still close  
Marciniak beat Fiorelli by 6 seconds on stage 8 and pulled into a tie for USRC Open 2wd. Both Fiorelli and Marciniak now lead Black by 10 seconds.   Mike G.
13:50   Dillon/Pihakari truly press on regardless  
Although in the back of the pack, this team continues to display the spirit of the sport. In a text message sent after the final stage last night, where teams had to deal with the almost opaque conditions due to dust, he wrote, "We finished Day 1! I confess I chickened out on the last two stages and drove really slow, but I can state with conviction and authority that we had a good time!"   MaryAnne S.
13:43   Fong hits left rear  
Alvin Fong spun and hit something with the left rear of his car and asked the finish control crew to check the damage on the car   Mike G.
13:42   Car 15 (Jason Trubey/John Dean) DNF  
Pulling out of service onto Highway 89 to transit to the start of Stage 8, Trubey pulled off to the side of the road. He said the car just "isn't running right," so they called it a day.   MaryAnne S.
13:41   Burke beats Jackson on stage 8  
Burke and Jackson have been trading times all day, but Burke pulled out an 18-second lead on Stage 8 (which is a lot for a 7.00 minute stage).   Mike G.
13:38   USRC Championship: Two Wheel Drive  
Continuing my conversation with Ray Hocker about the USRC Championships, we moved on to 2WD. Hocker explained John Black has clinched the Production 2WD class based on his performance at the Idaho Rally and the Gorman Ridge Rally. For the Open 2WD Championship, watch how Black finishes today; If he finishes second, he ties with Michel Hoche-Mong and the winner will be determined by USRC tie-breaking rules.   MaryAnne S.
13:26   USRC Open 2wd battle close  
Leaving service with three stages left to go, three drivers in Open 2wd are within 16 seconds of each other on the USRC event. John Black leads with a 1:25:32, followed by Eddie Fiorelli with a 1:25:42 and Kris Marciniak with a 1:25:48. So this will be a class to watch.   Mike G.
13:24   Stage 8 is "hot"  
Zero car has finished stage 8, the first of the last 3 stages after service, and declared the stage "hot". So we should be starting cars soon. Those at the finish of stage 8 report they are seeing big dark clouds to the north of them, so there may be some thundershower activity this afternoon.   Mike G.
13:01   Time to place your bets... Who Will Win the USRC Championship?  
First, we'll give you some data. In the AWD standings, Burke and Fong started Prescott tied. Each having a win, Burke's came from Rally New York and Fong's from Gorman Ridge, although the USRC rule about tossing out one event as well as the issue of the series being split between the Pacific and the Atlantic Divisions means each of them get to count their best finish toward year-end points. Hence, this puts them in a tie. It boils down to whoever scores the highest in this event wins the Championship. Fong has already cinched the Production AWD top spot, according to USRC board member and Gorman Ridge organizer.   MaryAnne S.
12:47   "Service Speak"... with Alvin Fong  
This East Coast young driver is full of passion and enthusiasm. He ran Gorman Ridge Rally last month, in a Mitsubishi rented from Laeng Motorsports, and he's back to contend the USRC Championship in the same car, but with his regular co-driver, Billy Machin (Marra Estep, co-driving with Keith Jackson for this event, is very familiar with the West Coast roads). He said he's enjoying the contrast of the tight, twisty roads used in Gorman versus the long, sweeping and open roads here at Prescott.   MaryAnne S.
12:33   Service Speak... chatting with Burke/Kihurani  
2010 Rally America's Rookie of the Year Joseph Burke's is following in the footsteps of his father, Seamus Burke. Seamus was the USRC Champion in both 2005 and 2006, and his son is aiming for the same honor. Joseph said the objective of winning the USRC Championship is to do just that--to be on an equal footing with his father. Alex Kihurani has been around rally since he was a young fan at the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally (STPR). Although this is Joseph Burke's first West Coast event, Kihurani has co-driven the dry, sometimes-sandy, sometimes-hard-packed roads typical to the desert environment commonly found throughout the Southwest U.S., although he has not been here in five years. Burke commented on the contrast of the roads and weather normally found in the East Coast, especially the often wet and slippery roads in the Northeast.   MaryAnne S.
12:12   Saturday Service Restart Order  
Burke, Jackson, Fong, Gates, Fiorelli, Marciniak, Riley, Black, Mazmanian, Willemsen, Trubey, Huffman, Wilson, Imai, Dillon. Burke is scheduled to start SS8 (Witty Tom South) at 12:47 p.m. PDT.   MaryAnne S.
12:11   Fiorelli Leads CRS-2  
Eddie Fiorelli & Tom Smith in their VW GTI lead Kris & Christine Marciniak in their Dodge Neon by 36 sec for the saturday CRS rally.   Mike G.
12:08   Car #5 (Kris Psara/Ian Fahring) declared as a DNF  
The car ran out of gas, and due to the location, there was no way for the service crew to get in to provide more fuel. Unfortunately, this meant they were time barred, so they took the DNF.   MaryAnne S.
11:59   Marciniak's Neon (Car 9) car making rear-end noise  
The scoring team reported the Neon is making some type of irregular noise and it's coming from the rear end of the car.   MaryAnne S.
11:50   Mazmanian leads Black  
Sarkis & Michael Mazmanian lead John Black & Lori Stone by 27 seconds after the first 3 stages of the Sat CRS event. This is particularly important, since the winner between these two today will probably win the CRS Perf Stock year end championship.   Mike G.
11:43   Rosner is a DNF  
Chris & Victoria Rosner had something break in the steering and ended up stuck on a rock on the right side of the road.   Mike G.
11:41   Marciniak's Neon (Car 9) car making rear-end noise  
The scoring team reported the Neon is making some type of irregular noise and it's coming from the rear end of the car.   MaryAnne S.
11:31   Kris Psara stopped on SS7  
They are out of the car and displaying the OK sign. It appears that they have run out of gas.   MaryAnne S.
11:30   Burke and Jackson bumper to bumper  
In the CRS standings, Burke and Jackson tied Stage 7, both with a time of 6:51. They are also tied for the day's scores so far.   MaryAnne S.
11:25   Riley has an excursion on SS6  
James Riley/Logan Mineer, who is only running today's stages, had some type of "off" on the stage. It appeared car had some damage, as well as a possible oil leak, so the stage crew is assuming he met with something solid.   MaryAnne S.
11:20   Drivers much happier with daytime dust conditions  
The scoring team at the end of Stage 6 reports the drivers have communicated they are much happier with the conditions today, especially after the visibility issues during last night's stages. The weather is hot, but there is a nice breeze to blow the dust away within the two-minute starting window.   MaryAnne S.
11:14   Burke leads overall and AWD after Stage 5  
The Mitsubishi of Joseph Burke/Alex Kihurani, followed very closely by Keith Jackson/Marra Estep's Subaru lead overall and in the Open AWD class. Alvin Fong/Billy Machin are in third overall and lead the Prod AWD class. In the 2WD classes, Eddie Fiorelli/.Tom Smith (VW GTI) lead Open 2wd; John Black/Lori Stone, Prod 2wd.   MaryAnne S.
11:05   Belated report from last night... after SS3  
Once the sun went down, and the full moon rose in a partly-cloudy sky, the teams now had to contend with thick dust--not a good mix for cars using high-intensity auxiliary lighting. For some, there was no "perfect" choice of lighting at all because the dust was "like driving into pea soup," as Mustafa Samali described. Alvin Fong said the night stages' dust "added a new dynamic" to the event. Some teams expressed frustration with the dust and it's potential danger, but also said that was the 'nature of the beast' of rallying. Once the top 10 cars or so had come through, Kris Psara/Ian Fahring showed up with some body damage (what happened...?). But the cars behind him said there was dust, but it was now intermittent as a slight breeze had kicked up and the humidity started to rise. Co-driver Alex Zamora said there was more braking required and Jen Imai said the dust was frustrating, but overall, it seemed to just be yet another night rally in the Arizona desert.   MaryAnne S.
10:47   Stage 6 is "hot"  
The zero car has finished stage 6. This stage has nearly 2000' of descent, and is one of the drivers' favorites. The stage is now hot. So cars should be starting soon and scores should begin rolling in around 11:05. Live scores can be viewed at: http://www.rallydata.com/Results/Prescott_2012_NatScoreBoard.htm   Mike G.
10:37   Stage 5 is Complete  
Stage 5 is complete, and the 2 DNFs have been cleared from the stage. Cars are preparing for stage 6.   Mike G.
10:12   Cem Akdeniz is a DNF  
Cem Akdeniz & Mustafa Samli in their Subaru STi are a DNF due the damages suffered when they spun and hit the bank.   Mike G.
09:47   Brent Hercelinsky is a DNF  
Brent Hercelinsky & Alex Orozco in their Suzuki Swift gti are a DNF just after the cattleguard on stage 5 with some sort of mysterious engine problem.   Mike G.
09:28   Cem Akdeniz stopped on stage  
Cem Akdeniz & Mustafa Samli have spun and hit the bank on stage 5 within sight of the finish and are currently out of the car. The road is not blocked so other cars are getting by, but its not clear what is wrong with their car and whether they are going to be able to continue.   Mike G.
09:15   Jackson takes "PerkinsView"  
Keith Jackson has barely beaten Joseph Burke on Stage 5 PerkinsView with a time of 17:48 as compared to Burke's 17:50.   Mike G.
08:50   Stage 5 is "hot"  
The zero car has finished stage 5, the classic 20.8 miles of Perkinsview, and declared the stage hot. So cars should be starting soon and scores should begin rolling in around 9:15. Live scores can be viewed at: http://www.rallydata.com/Results/Prescott_2012_NatScoreBoard.htm   Mike G.
08:19   Dillon having fun  
John Dillon reports that he chickened out on the last two stages last night and drove really slow. But he can state with conviction and authority that he had a good time and is looking forward to today's stages. He would also like to thank Doug and John for a reliable car and Katiana for her excellent notes delivery.   Mike G.
08:14   Hoche-Mong unable to Restart  
At 3:40 AM this morning Michel Hoche-Mong reported that he will not be able to restart this morning.   Mike G.
20:26   All Cars Through Stage 4 Safely  
The 18 cars that started the final 2 stages today are now in transit back to the hotel to get a good nights' sleep. They are all smiles and looking forward to tomorrow.   Mike G.
19:57   Car 5 Kris Psara Finishes Stage 4  
Psara reports that the dust is much better toward the end of stage 4, but he is having trouble getting his car to cooperate on left hand turns after his off on stage 3..   Mike G.
19:50   Report from Car 19 John Dillon  
New driver John Dillon says his confidence is growing, but he is still extra cautious in the corners. He says his pit crew of Doug and John provided flawless service.   Mike G.
19:46   Breeze Is Helping With Dust  
Control reports, and times indicate that a breeze has come up and is helping ease the dusty conditions.   Mike G.
19:21   Dusty Conditions  
Car 2 Keith Jackson says that the dust is thick out there. His time was almost a minute slower than the first car on stage.   Mike G.
19:21   Psara Off, Then Back On  
Kris Psara has completed Stage 3, but reported that they crashed but were able to continue. The Control reported that the Impreza STI was missing a bumper.   Mike G.
19:02   Stage 3 is hot  
Zero car has finished Stage 3 and declared the stage "hot", so cars will be starting on schedule.   Mike G.
18:50   Cars Headed Back Out To Stage 3  
Some cars are already in transit, and the rest are fueling and getting ready to head back out to stages 3 and 4.   Mike G.
18:44   USRC 2WD Championship Still Up for Grabs  
Michele Hoche-Mong's problems on stage two have opened things up in the 2WD Championship. John Black currently leads and unless Hoche-Mong can restart tomorrow under the USRC Super Rally rules he could see the championship slip from his fingers. This all depends on Black holding on to the 2 second lead he's currently got over fellow 2WD driver Eddie Fiorelli. If Fiorelli or Kristopher Marciniak, who trails Black by 19 seconds can over take Black they'll protect Hoche-Mongs championship lhopes.   Mike G.
18:35   After SS1: Chris and Victoria Rosner (Car #19)  
This is the CUTEST car! It so wins the Prescott fashionista award. (Jen Imai is not far behind... sorry, I love the feminine touch. Girlpower!!). This is the first time for the team at Prescott, although it's their fourth stage rally. Talking about SS1, Chris said, "That was the biggest jump ever!" The downer was the muffler was rattling, perhaps loosened during the jump.   MaryAnne S.
18:31   After SS1: Dillon/Pihakari (Car #19)  
With the excitement of two five-year-olds coming home to share tales of their first day of kindergarten, Dillion and co-driver Katianna Pihakari both tried to talk at the same time. "It was a really great first stage, and it's always the warm-up," Pihakari said. Dillon said they swapped positions with Car #18 (Geo Metro) because they thought perhaps they would slow down the team's Toyota. Again, a great show of sportsmanship at this grassroots level of rally racing.   MaryAnne S.
18:23   After SS1: Car #10 (Black/Stone)  
The only truck in this year's Prescott Rally, the red Ford Ranger is acting a bit fickle on the diverse composition of the road surfaces. "I took it easy. I have to get used to the dirt." He explained it is a combination of silty dirt, hard-packed surface and gravel.   MaryAnne S.
18:22   After SS1: Car #17 (Zamora/Huffman)  
Zamora and Huffman came into the start of Witty Tom, truly in the spirit of the name of the stage. Cracking jokes, they said other than catching dust, they were having a great time so far.   MaryAnne S.
18:18   After SS1: Car #14 (Hercelinsky/Orozco)  
"The sun is casting some crazy shadows," Orozco said. Both said they wanted to thank the organizers and volunteers for a great event. "It's going terrific... GREAT roads!"   MaryAnne S.
18:16   After SS1: Car #13 (Wilson/Ellzey)  
The team came into the end of SS1, and nothing appeared wrong as both driver and co-driver gave this reporter a big grin, knowing they didn't really have time for a cup of tea and a good chat. When asked how the rally was progressing for them so far, "Ellzey grinned and said, "A little dust... but all is OK."   MaryAnne S.
18:13   Car 13 Chuck Wilson With Tranny Issues  
Chuck's co-driver Brent says they are having some trouble with the transmission staying in gear.   Mike G.
18:12   After SS1: Car #11 (Mazmanian/Mazmanian) & Car 12 (Fiorelli/Smith)  
Driver Sarkis Mazmanian said the car's rear end wasn't handling property, so he pulled off on the transit to let some air pressure out of the tires. However, Fiorelli, behind them, noticed Mazmanian's slowing down during the stage, and as he caught up, the dust became so thick that it hindered visbility. "I lost a lot of time, but, hey, that's rally." In a show of good sportsmanship, Mazmanian allowed Fiorelli to start SS3 in front of him.   MaryAnne S.
18:08   Marciniak has soft rear shock  
Kris Marciniak reports that he has a soft right rear strut (leaking oil). He has a "so so" spare, but is not planning on putting it on at this point. So lets see how that shock holds up with two more stages this evening.   Mike G.
18:07   After SS1: Car #10 (Black/Stone)  
The only truck in this year's Prescott Rally, the red Ford Ranger is acting a bit fickle on the diverse composition of the road surfaces. "I took it easy. I have to get used to the dirt." He explained it is a combination of silty dirt, hard-packed surface and gravel.   MaryAnne S.
18:04   After SS1: Marciniak/Marciniak (Car #9)  
This husband and wife team, who are also the organizers of the High Desert Trail rally, are competing in a Dodge Neon that is sporting a stylish and professional new look. "Streetwise did the graphics," Kris M. said, and Christine added that Danny's Auto Body in Long Beach, Calif., did the paint. The car is now a combination of brilliant reds and a shiny silver.   MaryAnne S.
18:00   After SS1: Willemsen/Bos (Car #8)  
Bos said they were just trying to get into the groove. The team had an accident at the High Desert Trails rally this past spring that left him with broken ribs. "We're both a bit nervous, but we'll find our groove again."   MaryAnne S.
17:59   Car 3 Michel Hoche-Mong is now a DNF  
In an attempt to avoid a large rock that had been kicked onto the road, the VW Golf went off the road and incurred damage to a front control arm. They limped in to finish stage 2, but are unable to continue tonight.   Mike G.
17:57   After SS1: Akdeniz/Samli (Car #7)  
Samli said dust was finding its way inside the car, even though it's tightly sealed. "It was hard to breathe, but there was no visibility problem." Never one to be called short on wit, Samli added, "Besides, if we wanted something easier, we'd play ping pong."   MaryAnne S.
17:54   After SS1: Gates/Hegel (Car #6)  
"It was fun... it was FAST," Gates said. When asked what part of the rally has been the most fun so far, he didn't hesitate, "the 850-yard straight was the best part!"   MaryAnne S.
17:50   After SS1: Psara/Fahring (Car #5)  
"I felt off, it was really fast," Psara said. "A bit past my comfort level." He added he's not used to driving that fast and not having to worry about someone coming the other way.   MaryAnne S.
17:48   After SS1: Fong/Machin (Car #4)  
Fong/Machin, both from Danbury, Conn., are contesting the USRC Championship. They are competing at Prescott in the same Prod. AWD-class Mitsubishi Evo prepped/owned/serviced by Laengworks that they ran a few weeks ago at the Gorman Ridge. "The stages are fast... just incredible," Fong said with a huge smile. "That cliff!! (referring to SS1) I'm so looking forward to the other stages!"   MaryAnne S.
17:47   All Cars Through Stage 2 Safely  
All cars are now either in transit to, or already at service, where they will get their cars ready to head back out to Stage 3.   Mike G.
17:44   After SS1: Hoche-Mong/O'Hanlon (Car #3)  
Piers O'Hanlan, a 15-year resident of San Diego, Calif., hails from Cape Town, South Africa. "I haven't been in a 2WD car that is this fast!" he said. "There's a lot more 'sideways' than I'm used to." Hoche-Mong seemed deep in thought...and didn't say much.   MaryAnne S.
17:40   After SS1: Jackson/Estep (Car #2)  
Jackson said the car is running great; in fact, to quote him, "the car is a champ." Estep is concerned there may be more of a dust factor later this evening as the rally progresses.   MaryAnne S.
17:39   After SS1: Burke/Kihurani (Car #1)  
"The car is having some electrical problems, so we're a bit slow," Kihurani reported. He said they are concerned with temperature/O2 sensor. Alex hasn't been here at Prescott in five years and it's Burke's first time. They are going for the 2012 USRC Championship win here at Prescott, the final round.   MaryAnne S.
17:35   Car 13 Chuck Wilson Stopped On Stage  
Chuck's Ford Escort was stopped on stage, but has now finished the stage with a 14:54.   Mike G.
17:27   All Cars Through Stage 1 Safely  
Stage 1 is complete. It appears that the course was smooth and fast, and all cars are moving onto Stage 2   Mike G.
17:21   Car 15 Jason Trubey Has Trouble on Stage 1  
Jason Trubey, had a fuel line problem that they stopped to fix on stage 1. They finished in 17:09   Mike G.
17:12   Car 3 Michel Hoche-Mong Has Tire Trouble on Stage 2  
Michel and his co-driver were out and working on it as cars went by, and they have managed to limp in to finish the stage. Standby as we find out what happened.   Mike G.
17:00   One Fast Golf  
Michel Hoche-Mong delivers a fast time of 10:12 in his 2 wd VW Golf, making him almost 2 full minutes faster than the next 2 wd car driven by John Black with a 12:11.   Mike G.
16:48   Burke Takes Early Lead  
Joseph Burke finishes stage 1 in a blazing fast 9:37 beating Keith Jackson by 23 seconds.   Mike G.
16:32   Car 1 Starts Stage 1  
Car 1 has now started stage 1, so it won't be long before scores start rolling in. You can see the scores live at http://www.rallydata.com/Results/Prescott_2012_NatScoreBoard.htm.   Mike G.
16:21   Stage 1 ready to start  
Zero car has completed stage 1 and declared it "hot", so cars should be starting on time.   Mike G.
15:12   Rally has started  
From John Dillon (the only Toyota in the field): The driver's meeting is over and cars are leaving Tim's Subaru for the long transit out to the first stage.   Mike G.
15:04   The lady in the hat...  
Rally reporter MaryAnne Shults checking in... I'll chat briefly with the competitors when they come into the start of the second stage. Last year I was at the same spot, and it was raining so hard, when the co-drivers opened the door to talk to me, the downpour was so intense that the route book was nearly saturated. Not today... it's warm and there's a slight breeze here. However, that means DUST!! Anyway, competitors... be nice to the lady in the hat!! :)-- MShults   MaryAnne S.
14:28   Parc Expose  
John Dillon would like to thank Tim's Subaru for hosting registration, Tech and the Parc Expose. John reminds us that this is the 25th running of the Prescott rally and would like to thank the whole organizing committee.   Mike G.
14:25   Rally about to start  
The cars will be leaving Tim's Subaru at 3:00 PM today but won't start the first stage until 4:35 PM. This first stage is the traditional First View North which can be pretty scary for the first 4 miles due to the exposure. Since it will still be daylight all the new comers to Prescott will get a nice view of the drops. Since this is an 11 minute stage scores should start rolling in shortly after 4:46 PM.   Mike G.
09:28   Prescott will decide 2nd in CRS-2 Championship  
While Michel Hoche-Mong in his V.W. Golf has won the CRS-2 championship, second place has yet to be decided. Chuck Wilson in his Ford Escort currently leads with 990 points, but Brent Hercelinsky in his Suzuki Swift gti has 629 points. With 500 points available between the two events this weekend either one could take second place.   Mike G.
09:27   Black & Mazmanian battle for CRS P-Stock Championship  
Either Sarkis & Michael Mazmanian in his Acura Integra or John Black & Lori Stone in his Ford Ranger pickup will win the CRS Performance Stock Championship this year and Prescott will decide the winner. Since the championship only counts their best 6 of the 10 events each will be dropping some of their points. In fact the Friday Prescott event will probably be dropped by both since it only offers 200 points max. Saturday's event is a different story with 300 points at stake. So this could be interesting.   Mike G.
09:26   Prescott will decide CRS Open 4wd Championship  
Two drivers have a chance to win the 2012 CRS Open 4wd Championship, Cem Akdeniz his Subaru Impreza STi and Keith Jackson in his Subaru Impreza STi. With 200 points available on Friday and 300 on Saturday this will be a class to watch.   Mike G.
09:25   Burke and Jackson contest USRC Open AWD  
Twenty cars are entered in this year's Prescott Rally led by Joseph Burke & Alex Kihurani in their MItsubishi Evo IX. Second on the road will be Keith Jackson & Marra Estep in his Subaru Impreza STi. While Burke has had impressive performances on the East coast this will be his first time on the Prescott roads, so it will be interesting to see how the Burke/Jackson battle shapes up.   Mike G.
09:19   Early Morning Recce  
Recce began this morning at 6:00 AM which will make it a long day for the competitors. Many of the teams have now completed recce and will now be headed over to Tim's Subaru. It has been reported that the "roads are in AWESOME condition and the weather is perfect".   Mike G.
  Live Text Overview  
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Prescott Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. So come back during the Rally (Fri evening, Sept 28 and Sat, Sept 29) and check it out.   Mike G.