{ "Version":"3.0","Weekend": {"Name":"Gorman Ridge Rally","Year":"2017","WeekEndID":"69"},"LiveText": {"1570":{"TimeStr":"21:40","Title":"Winrick stopped on stage 12","Important":"1","Text":"It has been reported that Devon Winrick \/ Joshua Smith has stopped on stage 12 with engine problems and will be a DNF."},"1569":{"TimeStr":"20:11","Title":"Press on regardless","Important":"0","Text":"Car 996 got stuck on Stage 11 but got moving again and has finished the stage."},"1568":{"TimeStr":"19:46","Title":"Car 352 DNF","Important":"0","Text":"It has been reported that Car 352 has a problem with the clutch which has forced them to withdraw."},"1567":{"TimeStr":"19:18","Title":"Car 374 DNF","Important":"0","Text":"It has been reported that Car 374 lost their transmission near the Wheatfield gate about 1\/3 of the way through Stage 10 and has withdrawn. \r\nUPDATE: It turns out that it was just the shift linkage. Just as problematic for this event but an easier fix for the future."},"1566":{"TimeStr":"17:54","Title":"Press on regardless","Important":"0","Text":"Car 326 reports they are taking it easy due to a blown front strut so they can finish the rally. Car 519 also reports they are taking it easy to ensure a rally finish."},"1565":{"TimeStr":"17:41","Title":"Off-course excursion?","Important":"0","Text":"Car 352 reports taking the wrong turn at a junction due to banner tape that had been knocked down, hence an usually slower time for this stage. Update: Cars 247 and 603 also report missing the same junction, hence similarly slow stage times."},"1564":{"TimeStr":"17:13","Title":"Car 650 DNF","Important":"0","Text":"Car 650 reports that the front suspension had failed, forcing them to withdraw from the rally."},"1563":{"TimeStr":"15:26","Title":"SxS 22 off and back on again","Important":"0","Text":"Side by Side #22 went straight at a right 3 and had a little off road excursion on stage 8, but were able to get back on the road and continue."},"1562":{"TimeStr":"15:05","Title":"Road conditions","Important":"0","Text":"Alex Gelsomino, codriver of Car 352 has reported that is it "Getting soft out there." Good thing the teams are off to a new set of roads and stages for the evening, and hopefully the remainder of the teams left on stage don't get stuck in the soft stuff."},"1561":{"TimeStr":"15:02","Title":"Learning new tricks","Important":"0","Text":"Ernie Manansala, driver of Car 830 stated that he's recently learned to left-foot brake. He must have been doing a lot of that on the last stage since he came into the finish with smokey brakes!"},"1560":{"TimeStr":"14:47","Title":"Stopped but OK - SxS 291 DNF","Important":"0","Text":"SxS 219 was reported stopped about 1 mile into stage 7, displaying the OK sign. It is unknown whether the stop was due to a mechanical issue or not. Update - turns out it was mechanical, and so the team has been forced to withdraw from the rally."},"1559":{"TimeStr":"14:31","Title":"Press on regardless","Important":"0","Text":"Car 650 has finished Stage 6 after being tugged off a berm that they had become high centered upon. They are hoping to catch the rest of the field at the start of Stage 7 so they can finish the rally and not be time barred."},"1558":{"TimeStr":"14:18","Title":"Gorman Ridge Rally Reminder","Important":"1","Text":"The original GRR organizer Gary English is visiting this year's service area with a reminder of the rally's first motto: "Your life is in your foot." Thanks Gary!"},"1557":{"TimeStr":"14:10","Title":"Car 247 Half Spin","Important":"0","Text":"The team reports that they had a half spin AFTER the flying finish of stage 6. This caused some drama as they were stuck and needed to get out and push the car to get going again - and out of the way of the next cars."},"1556":{"TimeStr":"14:07","Title":"Stopped but OK","Important":"0","Text":"Car 650 was reported stopped but displaying OK. It was also reported that they may have had a mechanical issue rather than just being stuck on a berm."},"1555":{"TimeStr":"14:07","Title":"Stopped but OK","Important":"0","Text":"Car 650 was reported stopped but displaying OK. It was also reported that they may have had a mechanical issue rather than just being stuck on a berm."},"1554":{"TimeStr":"14:05","Title":"Car 215 DNF","Important":"0","Text":"It has been reported that Car 215 broke an axle on Stage 5 and was towed to the finish of the stage."},"1553":{"TimeStr":"13:50","Title":"Car 258 DNF","Important":"0","Text":"Update on Car 258 - on Stage 4 the team hit a berm which caused the strut to be push in. They have withdrawn but are working on a fix to be able to fun run stage 9-12 after the dinner break."},"1552":{"TimeStr":"13:42","Title":"Updates on missing times","Important":"0","Text":"It has been reported that Car 91 is off on a berm on the car's side. Car 695 is still in service. We will update when we know more."},"1551":{"TimeStr":"13:18","Title":"Press on regardless","Important":"0","Text":"SxS 219 broke a bold on the front right suspension but was able to finish Stage 4. They have fixed the bolt in service and are continuing on to the next stage."},"1550":{"TimeStr":"13:17","Title":"Car 416 DNF","Important":"0","Text":"Car 416 Williams\/Lind found a hole in the fuel tank and have decided to withdraw from the rally."},"1549":{"TimeStr":"12:29","Title":"Press on regardless","Important":"0","Text":"Car 603 has completed Stage 3 after being pulled off the berm by sweep."},"1548":{"TimeStr":"12:21","Title":"SxS updates","Important":"0","Text":"SxS 219 is in the lead overall and still very excited to see their times again, while the codriver in SxS 22 reports the stage was scary - but fun!"},"1547":{"TimeStr":"12:10","Title":"Stopped but OK","Important":"0","Text":"Car 603 is reported to have stopped on stage 3 with the team displaying OK."},"1546":{"TimeStr":"12:08","Title":"Engine issue in Car 301","Important":"0","Text":"Seems like the problems are continuing for this team - they've reported that the engine is still cutting out and cannot get full throttle."},"1545":{"TimeStr":"12:00","Title":"258 keen to see scores...","Important":"0","Text":"Car 258 was excited to see their time on stage 3. This time has put the team 5th overall and 2nd in 2WD overall. They seem to be enjoying getting faster in a new car this season."},"1544":{"TimeStr":"11:22","Title":"SxS in the lead!","Important":"0","Text":"SxS 219 reported excitement upon learning that they have a faster time than all the cars on stage 1."},"1543":{"TimeStr":"11:19","Title":"Engine issue in Car 301","Important":"0","Text":"Team reported that the engine cut out multiple times on stage 1 forcing them to have to stop. The good news is that Car 301 has finished the stage and are transiting to stage 2. Hopefully they can track down the issue soon."},"1542":{"TimeStr":"11:05","Title":"Bouncing around on stage 1","Important":"0","Text":"Car 358 bounced off a berm, while Car 650 bounced off a wall on the driver's side. Both kept going and finished the first stage."},"1541":{"TimeStr":"10:55","Title":"Fun in Car 91","Important":"0","Text":"Team reports that Gorman roads are fun but challenging."},"1540":{"TimeStr":"10:37","Title":"First cars transiting!","Important":"0","Text":"The first few cars have just transited past my location, which is quite near the start of stage 1. 792, 91, 326 all on their way!"},"1539":{"TimeStr":"09:06","Title":"Gorman Rally 2017","Important":"0","Text":"25 entries to start this year - 4 SxS and 21 cars. Good luck to everyone for a great event!"}}}